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bloom. Salon has done a lot of research on various product lines, and we are proud of the carefully selected products we have chosen.  We feel that the company values of the product lines also match our own. We searched for naturally derived ingredients such as essential oils, and looked for lines that were also good for the environment.

Product Control

When you purchase hair care products from our salon you are guaranteed a genuine product. The same products you see at the major retailers, grocery stores and drug stores may seem genuine but they are not guaranteed to provide the same results. This is because they are most likely old, or expired. We can promise you that our products are not meant to be found at major retailers.

Green Circle Salons

Recycling and the Environment have always been something that was important to me. As a business owner, I knew that finding ways to positively impact the environment was a mission I was willing to take on. After much research, I came across a Canadian based company called Green Circle Salons. I reached out to them and found out many amazing facts about this organization. Not only did they recycle the hair swept up from each haircut, but they also recycle used foils, left over color and color tubes, perms, etc. Basically, all of the waste a salon produces. It was almost too good to be true and I knew this was something I needed to be apart of. I was completely ecstatic when I found out they were launching the same program for salons in North America. It was a surreal moment when I found out we were the first official salon in North America to be apart of such an inspiring, industry changing program. You will notice ‘Green Circle Salon’ bins placed throughout the salon. We separate the foils, hair and hair color all into the different assigned bins, and when we have enough waste, we pack it up for shipment and send it off to Chicago where it gets separated and taken care of responsibly. The hair from each haircut is collected and made into hair booms to help in the aid of oil spills. Human hair can actually soak up oil up to 5 times, while synthetic hair is once and done. The foils go through a special cleaning process to get off any hair color or chemicals in the foils and are responsibly recycled. Green Circle Salons works with an environmentally certified chemical disposal company that collects chemicals in large quantities and as much clean water as possible is pulled from the chemicals, while the rest gets created into Clean Energy. In 2013 alone they recycled 200,000 lbs of waste and 8,000 litres of chemicals.. This is truly such an inspiring and exciting program to be apart of.

100% Pure Cosmetics

100% Pure Cosmetics focuses on the health of our skin and environment, while creating professional quality makeup. All of the makeup is formulated with use of fruit and vegetable dyes. Our skin absorbs everything, so not only does this makeup look and feel great, our skin is actually benefiting from all the antioxidants the fruit and vegetables provide. Their formulas are free of synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives and artificial coloring. They have a unique way of preserving the products by using a system which includes Japanese Honeysuckle, Thyme, Oregano, Goldenseal, Rosemary and Lavender. Along with the great effort to create the purist makeup, they also believe in helping animal welfare and helping our Environment. None of their products are tested on animals, and most of the formulas are Vegan. Their offices are also completely run by solar energy, all of their formulas are biodegradable
and they are all packaged with post consumer recycled material. Truly, 100% Pure.





Refill, Reuse, Repeat is the concept behind Use Me! Products, an organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free, eco-friendly hair care brand. It is as straightforward as the name on the bottle; what you see is what you get.Every product in the Use Me line is made with natural ingredients that give you unbeatable, realistic results. They have a unique system that allows you to actually refill your shampoo or conditioner bottle, reducing the amount of plastic bottles we use.



Learn more about Use Me Products Here!

People and Planet friendly is the concept behind the Eufora brand. Founded in 1997, Eufora believes in creating professional grade products while striving to minimize the impact on the Environment. Their dedication to product integrity and creativity has led them to find innovative ways of using plant and flower derived ingredients. Their advanced formulation technology utilizes over 100 unique plant and flower extracts, essential oils and vitamins. These ingredients have all been scientifically proven to benefit the scalp, hair and skin. There are absolutely no artificial fragrances or added colorants, and all of their products contain responsibly sourced ingredients. USDA Certified Organic Aloe is the base for all of Eufora’s shampoos, conditioners, styling products and color. Aloe has many benefits and contains over 200 biologically active substances that result in moisturizing, healing and soothing properties.



Learn more about Eufora Products Here!

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